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How To Instantly Find New Money In Your Portfolios

There was a story a while back about an armored truck that released thousands of dollars onto the interstate in Atlanta — it was quite literally raining money! As a result, people were pulling over to grab some free cash. About $175,000 in total was lost.

While most people aren’t losing money by a truck door flying open, several people are losing money month over month due to different factors. You very well could’ve met your 12% growth this year, but what if you could’ve grown by 15%, or even 20%, instead? Obviously, losing money isn’t a good thing when it comes to your financial situation, but found money is great.

That’s why at Hoffman Financial Group, we hold quarterly meetings with our clients to look out for leaks in their accounts. It could be in the area of fees, it could be taxes, it could be risk management — it’s about finding little nuggets of gold within your portfolio. When we build your retirement road plan, we do an analysis and find some golden nuggets along the way.

At every quarterly meeting, we’ll learn what’s changing in your life that we need to look out a year from now, two years from now, five years from now, and make little tiny tweaks to help prevent those leaks. During our portfolio analysis, we perform a 12-year look-back to show you the performance of the current portfolio and how it would behave if we went through another recession like 2008. From there, we’ll see how your portfolio grows over the past 12 years and the fee structures you have.

It can be easy to let fees and inflation creep into your portfolio, allowing these leaks to build over time. You may not have the time to constantly look at your portfolio, but that’s where working with an experienced team of financial advisors can be beneficial. We’re here to help you fill those leaks by carefully monitoring your portfolio to help fill in those holes. Call us today to schedule a complimentary meeting!

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