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Looking for reliable TV coverage for your money? Tune in to Chris Hoffman on TV every Sunday on CBS 46 at 8:58 A.M. and 9:10 A.M. or Good Morning America Weekend at 8:00 A.M.

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401(k) Is Not A Retirement Plan

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401(k) X-Ray

To help make sure your retirement is protected and geared for growth, start your complimentary 401(k) X-Ray today!

Financial Pyramid Analysis

All retirement plans need these three basic elements: protection, income, and growth. We call that your Financial Pyramid. Let’s get started with a complimentary strategy session our financial advisor team and build your financial pyramid to your specific goals.

Protection Rotation

Click below for info on Protection Rotation, a strategic plan to not only find areas of growth, but also increase protection from market risk.

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To see new, on-demand financial and retirement content, check out our YouTube channel. We upload new content each week covering the latest news on investing, retirement, and more!

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Chris Hoffman Behind the Microphone

Chris Hoffman


About Chris

Chris Hoffman founded Hoffman Financial Group with one goal in mind: being the go-to financial advisor for professionals wanting to retire. Armed with a radical passion for smart financial strategies, Chris is relentless in guiding and protecting his clients from unwise decisions and market loss.

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Kyle Allyn Behind the Microphone

Kyle Allyn


About Kyle

Kyle was the first employee of Hoffman Financial Group. His passion for finding investments and his commitment to clients is unmatched. His most recent contribution to the company was is his diversified “Financial House.” This approach assists as pre- and post-retirees look to make informed decisions as they near retirement. He looks forward to building a long-standing relationship with his clients as he continues to put them first. Kyle is also a frequent guest host on “Money Unleashed,” a radio show airing Sundays at 2 p.m. on NEWS 95.5, AM750 WSB, and the Hoffman Financial Group YouTube vlog.

Kyle’s main goal is to help clients achieve more of their financial goals and dreams with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and ethics. His core beliefs and values include being a trustworthy professional who always puts the needs of our clients first.

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