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Too much of a good thing?

In 2019, we witnessed the market rise to an extraordinary level. Some investors made incredible gains in their portfolios. Seeing positives on top of positives in your portfolio is a good thing, right? Most of the time, yes. But it’s important to remember there is such a thing as too much of a good thing — even in finances.

What we’ve noticed here at our retirement planning practice in Atlanta is some people are a little too confident in their investments, and it’s an easy thing to do. After witnessing a bull market like we’ve seen, we can start to forget what a recession feels like; ultimately, we can start to invest with our emotions.

When preparing for retirement, it’s important to have part of your portfolio better protected from market loss — buy low, sell high. If you keep pushing your investments into riskier waters, you could easily put yourself in a compromising position should the market take a quick downturn. Try to remove the emotion from investing and focus on the numbers.

If you’d like an unbiased viewpoint on your portfolio, Hoffman Financial Group is here to help you create a retirement strategy. Our financial services in the Atlanta area can help you create a diverse retirement portfolio that allows for growth potential while protecting some of your money from market loss as well. Give us a call today to begin the conversation!

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